Asbestos Removal, Demolition and Tile Removal

Four D are fully accredited asbestos removal specialists based on the Sunshine Coast. We also specialise in demolition, tile removal and floor grinding and strip-out for all your renovation works.

Commercial Asbestos Removal

Shown in the picture above, we removed 45m of 200mm asbestos pipe from the bank of the Brisbane river for Raptis Seafoods.

To do this safely, the area was barricaded, signed and fenced from the public. We did the removal works, only then was the site cleared by a professional hygienist.

If you’re worried about asbestos in your home or business, we can guarantee that we can help you dispose of it safely with very little disruption to your day.

Asbestos Removal Project at Sunshine Coast Home

The walls marked with the Xs contained asbestos. This was stripped out and asbestos removed safely and professionally. The builders now know they can continue with the renovations and wouldn’t be exposed to asbestos fibres.

Tile Removal Complete with Glue Grind

We have modern, professional equipment, all fitted with dust extraction. We aim to leave you with the cleanest possible site, ready to build on.

Sometimes it is not just about getting rid of floor tiles, that stubborn glue needs to be removed before the new flooring can be installed.

Our modern, professional equipment have dust extraction facilities. All our jobs include waste removal. We can do strip outs for bathrooms, kitchens, floors and walls, etc. We are fully licenced and insured.

The correct diamond selection for the glue grinder is essential to remove the different types of glue so as to not damage the slab. We are experienced to know the difference, and after, the new vinyl planks can now be laid.

Timber Flooring Removal

Asbestos Removal from Residential Roof


Class-A Asbestos

Class-B Asbestos

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